Cake vs. Cake

I've gotten a lot of requests lately for really fantastic cakes _ wedding cakes and groom's cakes and it got me thinking about old movies, but one in particular. Kramer vs. Kramer, where a husband and wife face off in court as opposing sides on the same case. It made me think about competition because in weddings where I've done both, the groom's cake has been more intricate than the wedding cake. To me it takes away from the wedding cake being a centerpiece. What do you think? Should the wedding cake take the spotlight, or should it share prominence with the groom's cake?

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piece of cake!

yeah, so anyone who has every delivered precious cargo knows how scary it can be. i'm sure you're all thinking about your cute precious babies, and no doubt they're cute, and precious, but you've got all sorts of contraptions to keep them safe and whole. imagine cake. well not just cake, but someone's dreams, expectations, and happy moments, all wrapped up in very fragile, delicate sugar. not fun. downright terrifying.  since i like to live on the edge, not only do i deliver cake in the metro atlanta area, battling traffic on the downtown connector, and 285, i volunteer to take and send cakes out of state and out of the country. this time - new york, for my friends' wedding. i couldn't go and so a deep sense of guilt prodded me to say - "no problem, i can just send the cake with my dear husband; on the airplane. no biggie."

so after a couple of weeks of panic and planning, i shipped the cake stand by mail, and then the cake (and groom's cake) via airtran airways, from atlanta, ga to queens, ny. and you know what? it arrived, in one piece, safe and sound without so much as a fingerprint. wanna see how i did it?


it's the dress!

so a few months ago i saw this romona keveza gown. i thought it was so sophisticated and sexy, untraditional yet still looks very much like a wedding dress, and thought that if i had that kind of $$ i might have worn something like it for my own wedding.romona keveza gown001 well what's a girl to do when she's already married, and her husband refuses to have another wedding just so she can wear a fabulous dress and have a great party? make it in cake! keveza cakebrides, listen up; you can have your dream dress and eat it too! talk to your cake designer (which of course would be me unless you live in some really remote part of the world like siberia) about incorporating aspects of your dress into your cake. there are ways to replicate just about anything in icing and sugar - pearls, beading, lace... the possibilities are limitless.