reality tv

i've BEEN ready for my close-up

so i said i'd keep you posted on when and where my get married! interview would air... there have been lots of changes and big things happening. get married! has switched stations and is now aired on WEtv, every saturday morning at 9:30am, and has a new format and host, founder stacie francombe. so with all the flux and frenzy, my interview (or at least a piece of it) has found a new home on being no stranger to the world of hollywood (smile) i knew that my 20 minute interview had the potential to be come 2 seconds after a visit to the editing room. the fates were with me, because after cutting and cutting, there's a fabulous 20 seconds of me in Cakes 101. brides and brides-to-be, please tune in for great advice about how to choose your wedding cake baker, find inspiration, and put plenty of your personality into your wedding cake. enjoy! here's the link! Cakes 101 on

the next food network star!

every now and then you need a little push to step outside of your comfort zone - a kick in the pants if you will. i got one on thursday. actually it was a big push. my cousin called me and asked what i would be doing on monday. i had a few things on my list - mostly errand running, but i was going to be busy. she informed me that i was not, because she and i would be going to the atlanta open casting call for the next food network star, with me auditioning for the role of star. i wasn't so sure about that - i mean really, me on reality tv? my cuz was not going to let me off that easy, and with some persuasion she convinced me to consider it. so i went online and downloaded the application. i mean, how hard could it be? hard. turns out it was a really long application - 7 pages of questions like "if you could be an ingredient, what ingredient would you be and why?". special thanks for all the suggestions. sorry tish - i didn't go for saffron, even though it's yellow and sexy and exotic. i figured it needed to be an ingredient i actually use, so i picked something baking related. i will fill you all in on my ingredient of choice later. if i get started on a tangent i'll never remember what i was talking about. back to the application. so after 3 attempts at the app over the weekend (lots of tech issues), i finally finished it this a.m. at 8, picked up the cuz and dashed over the the w hotel midtown (which is fabulous by the way, and you know how i love fabulous) and proceeded to wait, and  wait, and wait to register, and then wait, and wait, and wait to be interviewed. all in all i waited over 4 hours for a 4 minute interview. not bad for a day's work right? despite the wait, i was definitely not bored. i like to people watch, and there were lots of people to watch. probably about 400 all together. there were very serious culinary folks in full chef regalia - jackets and pants, aprons and crocs. other artsy types with tattoos and piercings, professionals with suit and tie, and fashionistas and one beefcake with professional headshots, portfolios and fabulous walks. as you're standing on line with all the other hopefuls, you can tell who's got the jitters, and who feels really confident. which one do you think i was? hmmm...

thanks to all the friends and fans who sent well wishes and prayers my way. i know the question of the hour is what happened, when will you know if you MADE it?!  the lovely casting producer told me that we will all find out within 24-48 hours. so when i know, you'll know!! oh and i know everyone wants to know what they asked me during the very extensive 4 minute interview, but i have to save something for later! so when i find out my food network fate, i promise i will spill the rest of the beans.

and to my friend jo who asked the most important question of the day - what are you wearing? - that's why i love you! your priorities are always in order. fashion first; everything else comes after!