Top 5 Reasons to Love Macarons

I must admit, it took me a minute to jump on the macaron bandwagon. I thought they’d go the way of the cupcake craze. Everyone would love them for a while, and then the hype would die down and everyone would go about their regularly scheduled programming, and eat whole cakes, erm, I mean whole slices of cake. But then, I had one. And another, and another, and still, one more macaron, and I was hooked! After my trip to Brussels, where I did indulge in many, many macarons, I was inspired to make some for myself. At first, I was afraid, I was petrified... it took several tries, but I now make darn good macarons. Now, lest you be confused, let me explain what a macaron is. A macaron is NOT a macaroon. They are not at all the same thing, though both are yummy. Macarons are rainbow-hued meringue almond sandwich cookies. Macaroons, are coconut cookies, that are sometimes dipped in chocolate, and are often eaten at Passover because they don’t contain any baking powder, baking soda, or yeast. 


not the same thing. not even close!

Today, however, I do want to focus on the gastro genius that is the macaron, and why we ❤️ them so much! Here’s my “Top 5 Reasons to Love the Macaron! “

5. They’re gluten-free! Not one speck of flour makes its way into the macaron. They’re made with egg whites, sugar and almond flour. So if you’ve got Celiac’s disease, or are gluten-intolerant, this is a cookie just for you!  When made just right, they’re got a chewy texture, and are a little bit sweet. None of that weirdness that happens when you try to recreate classic desserts with bean or tapioca flour.

4. They’re fat-free! Macarons are the ultimate sandwich cookie, and can be filled with everything from chocolate, to buttercream, to jams and preserves. When filled with fruit, and not frosting, there’s zero fat in each serving. This makes me feel less guilty when I eat half a dozen. 

3. They bite-sized! You can fit a whole macaron in your mouth at one time. Not saying you should...but you totally could! 

2. They’re colorful! Macarons can be tinted any color of the rainbow, and made in any flavor! Which means you can match your cookies to your outfit, manicure or wedding party! I don’t know about you, but I love to COORDINATE!

1. They’re so stinkin’ cute! Did you know there’s a term for wanting to eat cute things (including non-food, like babies and puppies)? Cute aggression is the desire to squeeze, bite, or eat cute things. I’m all over that! Apparently you get a hit of dopamine, or some such thing. Whatevs, I’m in it for the hit of sweet and cute, all at the same damn time!