Intro to Icing

Things have been pretty busy in the not a crumb kitchen. There’s always a birthday, or wedding, or shower that requires cake! But in between all of the celebrations, we managed to squeeze in the first in a series of group cake decorating classes - Intro to Icing! I’ve been meaning to write all about it, but adulting got in the way. So, almost 5, err 7 months later (don’t judge me), here I am to share deets and pics of the day.

The class was held at The Gathering Spot (which has a dope set-up BTW) back in June 2017 and was five hours of sweet, sweet fun. If you didn’t know, I started my career as a preschool special education teacher. That means one of my superpowers is a ridiculous amount of patience! Over the years I’ve taught private and individual classes, but I’ve had many requests to teach formal group classes. Intro to Icing was created to share some of the knowledge and tips and tricks I’ve learned in my 15 years plus of baking and decorating, and allows me to combine my two passions - teaching and caking! We covered four types of icing and their uses - royal, ganache, meringue, and Italian meringue buttercream...mmmm icing!  

We jumped right in; mixing royal icing, learning how to fill an icing bag, and proper hand position and form for piping icing. Royal icing dries hard, so it’s great for making decorations ahead of time. We practiced piping stars and getting our swirl on. After that we made a batch of Italian meringue and I played with fire.  

The real fun began once we made Italian meringue buttercream. Slicing even layers of cake can be a challenge, but every one did really well! No one lost any fingers :) and no blood was shed! Once our cakes were torted (fancy way of saying sliced into layers), we filled them with a mixed berry buttercream, and began the process of crumb coating and frosting our cakes, creating both textured and smooth finishes. Putting our piping skills to the test, we created borders and piped stars and swirls, hid edges with sprinkles, and drizzled and dripped ganache. A fun time was had by all, and we got to eat all of our mistakes and hide the evidence!