can you stand the rain?

for those of you who don't know, it's been raining in georgia for forever! fine. it hasn't been raining forever, it's been raining for two weeks. so let me first say, i am thankful that my friends and family are safe and dry, and also that i'm praying for those who have lost their homes due to the horrible flooding. for those of you who've been following us on facebook, we were to have a booth last saturday at the caribbean cook-off, selling jamaican desserts and other cakes and sweets.  let's see how that went shall we?

sad soggy crumbs

as you can see, it was wet. everything was wet - me, my husband, and boxes and boxes of cake (not the cake, just the boxes).

we tried to "keep hope alive" that it would stop, and for the most part, we were quite cheerful. see! 

happy hubby thumbs up the cuz and the hus

(that's the hubby, me and the hubby and the cousin)

eventually the organizers had to call the event due to the weather, so it was back home with all.that.cake. sigh. we managed to sell some 1/2 price, and give away a lot to very grateful friends and neighbors. my mom is such a saint that she's been eating all the rest for breakfast, lunch and dinner so that it doesn't go to waste. let's just say that it was quite an adventure.