choosing your wedding cake maker

in all the preparation for your wedding, cake is probably not the first thing you think about. it's ok. i was a bride too. i was much more interested in the dress, the hall, the food, the favors, and impending wifehood. of course i wasn't worried about the cake since i knew my mom and i would be making it! you probably won't be baking your own cake, but when you do get around to thinking about it, you'll probably be a little overwhelmed. who knew how many different types of cakes and fillings and frostings were out there! you're probably also wondering if you can't just run out to your local grocery store for a cake. or if you even have to have a wedding cake. i've got a couple of tips to make choosing your cake and baker easier.

  1. get a referral -  the best way to find a cake artist is to ask a friend or wedding professional. they will have had the opportunity to work closely with a specific designer and taste the cake. they will know if they are reliable and easy to work with. once you've met the designer, ask if you can speak with past customers. if they balk, then walk.
  2. get a good look - ask to see a portfolio. be sure that the pictures in their portfolio are actually pictures of their work. not everyone is honest. it's even better if they have a website so that you can see pictures before you schedule a consultation, that way you can see if their style matches yours. you don't want to waste your time or theirs'.
  3. get a taste - cake is only as good as it tastes. it doesn't matter how pretty it is if it tastes like cardboard. if a baker refuses to do a tasting, keep it moving. the only exception to this is if you order the cake the week of your wedding (stranger things have happened). at that point you are at the baker's mercy! (smile)

hope these tips are enough to get you started. keep checking for more tips!