where are you located? can I stop by and pick up a cake?
not a crumb! is not a retail bakery, so you can’t just pop in for a slice and cuppa. you can however, set up an appointment to meet, talk and taste cake. not a crumb! is fully licensed by the department of agriculture as an in-home bakery. all of our delicious cakes are created in a separate commercial studio kitchen. we are located in metro Atlanta and fully insured. you can place an order for a cake (or sweets) whenever you want, by calling 470.497.2253, or emailing us at talkcake@notacrumb.com.

don’t forget, any day is a great day for cake!

how much will my cake cost?
there are many different factors that can affect the price of a special occasion cake - ingredients, flavor, size, level of detail, and time and labor. each and every cake is custom made, and so prices will differ from cake to cake.

on average, our cakes begin at $6.50/serving; fondant-covered cakes begin at $7/serving. sculpted and 3-D cakes begin at $200.00 minimum, regardless of serving size, due to their intricate nature, and the blood, sweat and tears that often occur during the conception and birth of those cakes. we would love to speak with you to assess your needs and provide you with the most accurate pricing possible.

what do you mean by 3-D cake?
a 3-D or sculpted cake is any cake that is carved to look like anything but cake! examples would be purses, or shoes, or even a favorite pet. they are made by stacking layers of cake and icing, and then hand-carving the cake with magic.

how far in advance should I book my cake?

we love advance notice! it makes sure that we can give your cake the time and attention it deserves. the recommended window for weddings is 6-12 months. other special events should be booked a minimum of 3-4 weeks prior to the event.

the birthday or anniversary of your _________ (insert loved one/milestone of your choice here) is the same date every year! it’s never too early to put your date on the calendar, even if you are not sure of the design or theme yet.

should you need a last minute cake, please call! we’ll try our hardest to accommodate your request.