cakeist[keyk-ist] n. 1. cake artist/compulsive pastry perfectionist practiced in the art of caking

cake is what keeps me up at night, catching quick naps while sneaking peeks in the oven, decorating someone's dreams and fantasies while the rest of the world is quietly slumbering.

it wasn't always like this. as a little kid reading kept me up at night, and my mom kept me busy in the kitchen during the day while she baked and iced, and created something wonderfully romantic out of the most homely ingredients - flour, sugar, eggs, milk.

one day, when i grew up, i started baking, and people started asking me to bake for them. before i knew it, it became a bit of an obsession, a passion, a need.  everyone needs cake, even if they don't know it yet. i know it - i need it because it makes everything that much more special.